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A New Term

It’s a NEW TERM, in a New Session, as a TEACHER  you should show up with a ‘New You’. This term is not same as any other before it, new challenges and new students so you need to turn up real good. How ready are you to face the session?

Meeting your students:  The first question on the minds of the students is “who are you?”  be sure to introduce yourself to your students. Let them know who you are, a passionate guide whose interest is to facilitate their learning. After they’ve learned who you are, they’d want to know “why are you here?”  Let them know that teaching for you is not all about making ends meet. They should know you are here to be their partner on the journey to learn. You are here because you are committed to their success.

Creating the environment: Who are they? Who are your students? The simple fact that children of similar ages are together in class does not mean they know themselves. You need to introduce icebreakers. Make them comfortable with one another.  Children do better when they are comfortable and relaxed as against when they are in an impersonal environment. Your first class of the new session should be devoted creating comfort.

Setting the tone: Make expectations known. Show them the roadmap to achieving the expectations. Make sure your objectives are aligned to the student needs. Help them settle in.

Positive mindset: Keep a positive mindset. Your excitement and enthusiasm would reflect on the children, thereby keeping the classroom environment positive.

Teaching tools: Besides your vibrant and healthy self, your teaching tools should be intact. Teaching aids, all necessary registers, a good relationship with all staff members, a good understanding of study materials and how to keep students engaged with it.

It’s a good Season to raise the future of Nigeria, instilling discipline, integrity and wholesomeness. Be the best you can be to raise the best you can raise.

Maureen Awulonuh