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Diary of a teacher

I am a Teacher

So it’s a get together, been long I attended one. A job like mine does not afford many opportunities for social gatherings. Besides who wants to hang out with the likes of me. 

With much persuasion I dress in my social best. Hiked a ride and hmmm…. We are here. 

“Oh Tunde, it really is you… where have you been? Wow!” 

“Yeah, it’s me Tunde. Haven’t seen much of you too” 

“I’ve been around. You know, work keeps throwing us here and there, we can’t complain … we’ve learnt to cope” 

“That’s nice. Good to see you again” 

That went well, or so I thought. I’ve been through worse conversations with old school mates. Sometimes I’m also surprised at myself… never thought I’d be doing this for a living. Finished tops in my class. One of the very first to gain admission into the higher institution, finished with good grades… here today doing what again…..? 

“Hey, look who I found… Tunde” 

“The math guy, how have you been?” 

“Good, good..Really good seeing you both after such a long time” 

“I looked you up the other day; I was told you were out of the country” 

“Yes, I had a meeting in Germany, in fact a series of them. In the last 2 weeks I was in 5 countries, it was really tough… but we’ve learnt not to complain” 

“Estacodes came with it ke? “ 

“well… but not as much as yours…. We know your company is the best paying in the industry and you’ve been away for close to 3 months. You’ve even moved your family to Canada” 

“Tunde, don’t be humble…. Talk to us, you were really bright in class oo” 

“urghh… well me, I followed my call” 

“hell no! You are a pastor?!!! You must have a large congregation and a biiig bank account, right? 

“I am teacher.” 


Maureen Awulonuh