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Relationship is the new Discipline

Parenting in this Internet/Information age.

Raising your children the same way your parents raised you in this age is "Parenting error" by itself.

It's more challenging to raise children in this age.

1. They don't need you for Information but INTERPRETATION. They can get all Information on google and co! But be ready to help them with processing such Information.

2. If you don't listen to them, they can share their thoughts with hundreds or thousands of followers on social media. God help you for the counsels they get. Be the go-to person for wise counsel (Depending on what you know)

3. Morality is facing its greatest challenge ever. Everything has to be 'sexy' now. Even simple hair shampoo advert shows someone making a sexual sound in the shower. Most adverts are not created to appeal to their sexuality.

4. Every Top Star or celebrity now wants to sell sexuality as a "Stardom" symbol. Now you have to look almost naked to be sexy or to shoot a music video. This is gradually building a mentality or perception in the mind of your children.

Don't parent BY DEFAULT or in Ignorance. Be better INFORMED and BUILD a great RELATIONSHIP with your children. Our children face far more moral challenges than any of us did in our time.

Raise your children with the understanding of their challenges and help them to take up the biggest responsibility of life which is making RIGHT CHOICES! Give your children the gift of faith. If God's word is allowed to light up their path, they will make it through the dark spots of life and you will be able to breathe and give a simple support system to them.

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Article by: Ayo Ajiboye

Femi Ajiboye